We are hiring school bus drivers across the United States, learn more and apply today!

Modern School Bus Careers

Come work at our bus depot

Come work at our bus depot

Call 1-877-7DRIVE1 (1-877-737-4831) today for a same-day interview.
100% Electric School Bus & Students

Help build the future of student transportation

We are seeking candidates across a variety of bus depot jobs – working at the bus depot is a critical part of helping Zum realize its mission to provide safe, sustainable, equitable rides for all kids.

You’ll be making an essential contribution to modernizing student transportation, providing parents peace of mind, and saving schools time and money.

We invite all qualified candidates including employees currently performing transportation-related work in the school districts we serve (including drivers, dispatchers, mechanics, and clerical staff), to apply for jobs with Zum.

Join us in making student transportation a success while building a great place to work for everyone.

Working at a bus depot offers great pay and benefits including:
Competitive pay
Full medical benefits and 401(k)
New buses and fleets
Modern bus yards
Weekends off
A team of passionate people
School bus driver charges an electric school bus

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