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New Feature: Easily Replace Lost RFID Cards

One of the things we’re proudest of at Zum is our radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled bus cards. With the same contactless technology found in transit passes, we created these to help parents, and school administrators, keep better track of students as they commute to and from school. Our school districts love them, and parents sleep better at night knowing that they can track the location of their kids’ bus with the click of a button. Any student riding a Zum bus simply taps the bus driver’s tablet when they get on and off the bus. Parents can then track the bus their child is on via the Zum App. It’s that simple.

But it’s not always easy for students to keep track of their RFID card. Sometimes they lose it. They might leave it at soccer practice, or at a field hockey game, or it may just be stuck at the bottom of their locker and they can’t find it. It happens to all of us.

That’s why we’ve streamlined the way school districts order new RFID cards. Now, any time a student reports a missing or lost card, they simply need to report it to the school. With just a few clicks, school administrators can open their Zum portal and order a new RFID card for that student. Once it’s ordered, the administrator can then track the card on the same portal it’s printed, programmed, shipped, and delivered.

Even better, this new feature automatically orders RFID cards for transfer students, so school administrators don’t have to manually order new cards student by student. Time saver! (The feature also allows school administrators to easily view which students do and don’t use RFID cards through the Zum portal. Sometimes not every school in a district uses RFID cards—even though we think they should!)

Students will be students. Sometimes, they’ll lose things. But Zum makes it easy to order new RFID cards. Stay tuned for more product updates in the future!

Highlights from this product release:

  • Streamlined interface so school administrators can see which students do, and don’t, use RFID cards
  • Self-service ordering of new RFID cards so school administrators can request new cards at the click of a button via the Zum School Portal
  • Automatic RFID cards for transfer students so school administrators don’t have to manually order hundreds of new cards every year
  • RFID card tracking so school administrators know when their new cards have been printed, shipped, and delivered
  • A back-end mobile app – that allows fulfillment employees to easily receive orders, print RFID cards, and track them