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New Feature: Better Routing for Students with Changing Schedules

We get it. Your child might not ride the bus every day of the week. Maybe you drive them to school when you can, or when your busy work schedule allows. Perhaps your son spends some time with his grandparents, or your daughter participates in Girl Scouts once a week. Whatever the reason, not every student rides the same bus route every day of the year.

Now, most other routing softwares don’t accommodate these kinds of changes. They’re outdated and inflexible, making it difficult for parents to work around their kids’ schedules, and hard for bus drivers and school administrators to keep track of which student is where on any given day of the week.

At Zum, though, we want to make sure that every student, every parent, every bus driver, every bus router, and every school administrator experiences the absolute best transportation available. That’s why we’ve recently updated Route Explorer, Zum’s proprietary school bus routing software, to be even more flexible for administrators, and more clean and intuitive for parents and bus drivers.

This product update includes several exciting new features:

  • Streamlined Zum app and portal — No more duplicate student profiles or extra rides. The Zum app and portal contain only the information you need, and none that you don’t
  • Easy to add or change bus routes — Now, it’s clear and easy for bus routers to alter bus routes without worrying about errors, missed pickups or delays
  • Quicker, optimized routes — With the new Route Explorer, even routes that have been changed will be optimized for speed, efficiency, and safety so that students can get to and from school as quickly as possible

Zum’s new Route Explorer makes routing more flexible, improves transportation efficiency, and makes communication easier and clearer. Stay tuned for more product updates!