What additional charges might be applied to my trip?

We charge the price you see when you book the trip. We totally understand that traffic will unavoidably add time to your trip. However, we don’t charge for that. The only additional charges that may be applied to your trip are tolls, airport surcharges, or additional wait time.

Tolls: If your driver pays a toll during your trip or needs to pay a toll to return after drop-off, then a charge for the toll may be added to your fare. The toll charge may not reflect the amount actually paid but will be charged later when the driver reports the toll fee to us.

Wait times: We request our drivers to be at the pickup location 5 mins early and stay at the drop off location 5 mins late just in case of emergencies. Our drivers will factor in 5-10 mins of wait time for your child so they can pack their belongings after classes are dismissed or make their way to the front of the building. However, if the wait time goes beyond this range, we will charge $6 for every 15 minute increment.