Serving over 3,800 pre-K to 12 students in Los Angeles, Duarte Unified School District sought more reliable, affordable and compassionate transportation services for its Special Education students.

With a long history of contracting with traditional yellow bus transporation companies, Duarte sought a special education solution that was more reliable, affordable and less time-consuming.

Zūm simplified student transportation for Duarte Unified, freeing staff to focus on education and other important activities. Secretary of Special Education, Gloria McCravey notes that she previously submitted route requests to bus contractors at least one month in advance, only to get the information she needed to pass onto parents just 2-3 days before school started.

“Before Zum, I had to frantically scramble and call 100+ parents multiple times, plus bus companies, arranging pick-ups and drop-offs. It was a nightmare,” she notes. “Zūm has technology that creates routes in one day,” Gloria says. “They also explain rides and procedures to parents, so we don’t have to.” She points out that because parents can follow their children’s rides in real-time on the Zūm mobile app, there’s less support needed. “If parents have a question, Zūm is on it immediately. They’re awesome and always positive.”

  • Cost savings of 10%
  • Reduced number of yellow buses by 35% by using right-sized vehicles
  • Reduced route planning lead time
  • Improved experience for parents and students
  • Reduced communication overhead between district and parents

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