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Zum’s Industry Leading Parent App Elevates Safety and Transparency with New Features

This week Zūm announced several enhancements to the Zum Parent App, which enables greater safety, transparency and convenience for thousands of students, families and school administrators nationwide.

Zum’s iOS and Android apps allow parents to know their exact school bus and driver, when and where their child was picked up and dropped off, and the location of their child’s school bus in real time.

New features and improvements include:

  • Improved peace of mind for parents to see where their child’s school bus is in real time when they cannot be dropped off due to an unsafe stop or no parent present;
  • Enhanced user interface for tracking in-progress rides, ride cancellations and no-show students;
  • Design refresh and improvements to enhance the ride experience with latest app elements, including in-progress ride banners, student and ride management screens, and in-progress ride screens;
  • Ride progress updates including an improved map experience and live vehicle tracking;
  • Redesigned support screens that facilitate frictionless and easy-to-use support experience when parents need to contact their school district about their child’s ride or Zum to get technical support for the app;
  • Infrastructure updates that provide faster performance tracking and improve the reliability of real-time updates.

“Zum is bringing student transportation into a new era, creating a safe and reliable end-to-end experience that gives parents peace of mind that is essential – and overdue,” said Ritu Narayan, Zum Founder and CEO. “These new enhancements to our Zum Parent App ensure a high-quality, trustworthy tool for parents and guardians that prioritizes transparency and, most importantly, the safety of the thousands of children that we serve.”

Thank you to all of the families and schools that trust Zum to deliver safe, reliable and modern student transportation!