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Back to School 2023 – Oakland

In 2023, we’re celebrating our third year serving Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). We’re thrilled that Kim Raney, OUSD’s Transportation Director, has called this one of her best years yet. To prepare, we laid out contingency plans for weeks, making sure we were ready for technological snafus, changes in routes, and anything else that came our way. Most importantly, we made it a point to share all the positive feedback from 2022 with our bus drivers, to motivate and inspire them to continue the amazing work they put in, year after year. Other companies only gather their drivers and teams together to share critical feedback—it can feel like going to the principal’s office! But at Zum, we want to celebrate people, and not just during back to school, but on a regular basis. We’re excited to channel all of this positive energy into the upcoming school year!