Zūm has reimagined student transportation and developed a modern end-to-end experience built around the needs of kids and families.

Coming soon to the Orange County area, Zūm works with public schools, private schools and charter schools to transport children safely—managing every vehicle, driver, passenger, parent, student and ride on a single platform.

In addition to relying on Zūm for daily route operations, school districts can use Zūm to track and plan vehicle use, manage driver profiles, and analyze performance and service data.

Zūm is a transportation provider that supports children’s activities throughout the school year, handling pickup, dropoff, field trips, after school programs and more. Zūm works with more than 4,000 districts and schools across the country. For eligibility and enrollment information, see below.

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Zūm’s Transportation Services

Zūm is an integrated, student-centered transposition service and platform focused on getting children to and from school safely, transparently, and efficiently. Zūm works with elementary schools, middle schools, and elementary schools across the country—including public schools, charter schools, and private schools. Its convenient apps keep all parties informed of children’s whereabouts at all times.

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Zūm Is Reinventing Student Transportation

Unlike traditional yellow school bus service providers, Zūm is an end-to-end cloud-based technology platform that unifies all relevant transportation data, contracts, assets, and customer-facing information. Zūm integrates existing bus routes and bus stops with the driver's ability to reroute efficiently with real-time road and traffic information. Zūm’s fleet includes multi-sized vehicles for maximum flexibility.

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Zūm Works with Public & Private Schools

Zūm works with schools of all kinds to ensure that student transportation is no longer left behind in technology and innovation. Zūm also works with students of all abilities, including special education students and special needs students who may require additional accessibility and care.

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Zūm Creates Efficient Student Transportation

Zūm reduces costs and increases efficiency by deploying the best vehicle for each route from a fleet that includes electric vehicles, buses, cars, and vans. The range of options provided, including electric vehicles of all sizes, also reduces student commute times. This multi-vehicle approach helps solve current industry-wide challenges like scheduling bus drivers (and other vehicle drivers), unpredictability, and vehicle underutilization.

Our services are built to maximize the benefits to schools
Zūm Promotes Sustainability

Zūm offers a fully integrated sustainability ecosystem with a goal to transition 100% to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025. With a strong report card for energy efficiency, we are creating the largest fleet of mobile batteries on wheels to give energy back to the grid in the future—meeting transportation needs for years to come.

Our services are built to maximize the benefits to schools

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