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Press Release

Zum Recognizes National School Bus Safety Week

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 16, 2023 – Zum, the leader in modern and safe student transportation, today shared several tips and initiatives to mark National School Bus Safety Week (Oct. 16-20).

School bus safety is a pressing issue for parents: In Zum’s 2023 Student Transportation Report Card, an annual commissioned survey that examines parents’ views of the school bus system, the vast majority of respondents felt the school bus system in America could improve (91%) and the current system is not safe, efficient, and good for the environment (80%). When asked to name their biggest concern about their child while riding the school bus, the majority of parents said safety.

Zum today announced that it has delivered two weeks of nearly 100% on-time pick up performance for its 1,250 routes transporting around 20,000 students daily in Howard County, Maryland.

“I founded Zum to improve and modernize the student transportation system,” said Ritu Narayan, CEO and founder of Zum. “We believe that Zum is influencing new standards and conversations on safety in the industry, and we are proud to work alongside parents, drivers, and educators to reimagine the school bus experience for the 27 million children who rely on it each day.”

Five tips for families this National School Bus Safety Week on how to make sure children are safe on the school bus:

  1. When waiting for the bus, students should stand at least 10 feet away from the edge of the road.
  2. Crossing students should always walk in front of the bus, never behind it. Before crossing in front of the bus, students should wait for the driver’s signal to cross.
  3. Motorists are required by law to stop for stopped school buses that are displaying flashing red lights and a stop arm. Never pass a stopped school bus.
  4. Bright clothing and reflective gear on jackets, shoes, hats, and backpacks increases a student’s odds of being seen by drivers, especially if students are traveling at dawn or dusk.
  5. Those who meet children at the bus stop after school should wait on the side where the child will be dropped off, not across the street.

Zum will recognize National School Bus Safety Week by holding events at Zum bus yards nationwide that include a safety slogan competition, employee appreciation breakfasts, and awarding drivers with outstanding safety records.

Zum currently serves thousands of schools and school districts in the U.S., including Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest school district; San Francisco; Oakland; Seattle; Spokane; San Bernardino; Howard County; and Nashville. All Zum drivers receive comprehensive training and follow specific safety protocols, while Zum’s technology optimizes routes and allows parents to track their children’s rides.

To learn more about how Zum is working with thousands of schools across the nation to deliver safe, reliable, and modern student transportation, please visit Zum’s website.

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Zum has reimagined student transportation, the nation’s largest mass transit system. Our robust operations and integrated end-to-end cloud-based platform provides a modern student transportation service for school districts purpose-built around the needs of kids and the expectations of their families. Zūm provides one seamless, real-time interface for parents, drivers, schools, districts, administrators and operators to transport children safely and with increased visibility and personalized care. Always investing in the wellbeing of the communities, Zum is also the only carbon neutral student transportation provider in the nation with plans to go Net Zero with EV transition. Learn more at www.ridezum.com.



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