How Zūm is transforming student transportation

Zūm manages every vehicle, driver, passenger, parent, student and ride—on a single platform.
Zūm reduces costs and increases efficiency by deploying the best vehicle for each route—from a fleet that includes electric vehicles, buses, cars, and vans.
For kids and parents

Zūm means a completely new experience built around students’ needs—offering greater safety and real-time visibility into kids’ locations, route updates, and overall ride experience.

For school districts

Zūm delivers higher safety standards and a transformative experience through its end-to-end, cloud-based platform which can be implemented in hours, not months.

Zūm increases the efficiency of daily operations by offering 20% reduced transit time, a full range of multi-fleet vehicles, routing and scheduling tools, and visibility into performance and maintenance data.

Solutions for schools
For operators

Zūm enables an easy-to-use integrated platform that unifies contract requirements, operational needs and schedules with vehicles, drivers, and routes. Zūm works with existing fleets and offers EV vehicles for districts seeking greater sustainability benefits.

For communities

Zūm means a safer and more sustainable approach to student transportation—making sure that all kids can get to school safely and reducing emissions from buses sitting idle and through its full fleet of EV vehicles.

Explore sustainability
With Zūm, student transportation has been completely reimagined and delivered as an end-to-end experience for all.

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