More than point A to point B

Zūm is the leader in safe rides for schools and busy families - when and how they need it - 7 days a week, with hyper-vigilant safety and security. So how can we help you?

How Zūm works

We’ve made Zūm easy for you to use. From our app to our proprietary backend technology to our real, live family assistants, we work hard to give our customer families a great experience.

The Zūm app makes it easy to schedule rides for families or carpools.

A range of ride options

  • A single child going to one or many places - need a booster seat? We’ve got you covered.
  • Multiple kids from the same family going the same place or needing multiple stops.
  • A carpool of kids from multiple families going to the same place.
  • Rides plus care services before or after the ride
Set up the ride

Easily set ride frequency

  • One-time: Get your daughter to Tuesday’s dentist appointment.
  • Recurring: Get your kids to swim practice every Monday and Wednesday.
  • Monthly: Get your kids to and from school every day.
Set up the ride


  • Make mornings easier with rides to school. And don’t run out of meetings for pickup.
  • Ballet, soccer, music lessons - get everyone where they need to be.
  • It can sometimes be easier to meet your kids at appointments - we can get them there.
Set up the ride

We assign an awesome Zūmer

  • We’ll assign your Zūmer by 8pm the day prior.
  • View your Zūmer’s driver and vehicle profile through the app.
  • Ride-specific passwords.
  • Kids app for older riders.
Set up the ride

Service area

Zūm serves schools in California, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Washington and Washington DC Metro with more coming soon.
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