See how Zūm works

Every aspect of Zūm’s service is built around the needs of busy families, helping you breathe easier and get more done.

Rides for every day, every occasion.

Whether you’re looking for rides to-and-from school or activities, Zūm can get your child there safely and reliably.
Count on carpool rides for your child’s recurring daily ride to school.
Zūm is great for gettings kids to athletics. You can arrive later and give your child a ride home.
Get your child to that activity before or after school, through a one-time ride.

Safe and reliable rides

Your child’s safety is first and foremost at Zūm. Our drivers exceed the highest standards for the transportation of children, while our technology keeps you in-the-know at every step of the way.

Zūm brings fresh thinking to children’s transportation

Unlike others, our ride service is built from the ground up to address the unique challenges of your busy family. Here’s why parents have trusted us to prove over 5 million safe rides to 750,000+ children:
Legally permitted to transport minors
Company insurance covers unaccompaniedDrivers fingerprinted, DOJ/FBI checked, TrustLine certified
Drives have mandatory childcare experience
Consistent drivers from a small pool assigned to your family
Safe hand off at pickup/dropoff (as opposed to curbside)
Live tracking of rides by parents and schools
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Legally permitted to transport minors
Company insurance covers unaccompanied minors
Drivers fingerprinted, DoJ-FBI checked, TrustLine certified
Drivers have mandatory childcare experience
Small pool of dedicated drivers per family
Safe pick-up/drop-off hand-offs as opposed to curbside
School can track rides real-time

Why parents love us

“Getting my kids to and from activities was challenging. Now we use Zūm every day for gymnastics or fencing or swim class. Having a familiar pool of drivers is great.”
“As a mother, Zūm is my biggest ally. They are responsive and always on time. Planning my children's logistics is no longer a dreadful task.”
“Zūm's drivers are phenomenal. Every step of their process is easy to follow. I love the notification and the live tracking."
Parents can book rides with the Zūm App
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