Getting started with carpooling

Carpools are just what you’d expect: more than one family, sharing a ride. Carpools offer the same great safety and convenience for parents of regular Zūm rides, for trips to school, activities and more. But with the cost savings of ride-sharing and fun for kids as they ride with friends!

Set up the ride

Carpool rides start just like setting up a regular Zūm ride. Within your app:
  • Schedule a carpool ride
  • Choose riders from your own family
  • Detail time and locations
Set up the ride

Set date & time

The next step is to fill out your carpool:
  • Send invites via text or email
  • Members join from their own accounts
  • You decide how the costs will be split between families
Manage your carpool

Manage your carpool

Carpools have the same transparency as regular Zūm rides:
  • Carpools show up along with your other rides
  • Invited friends add their kids and ride details
  • You’ll get ride notifications throughout the entire process
  • Make your carpool recurring at anytime!
Manage your carpool
Start using Zūm carpools today

Want Zūm at your school?

Parents and school administrators alike love the convenience and reliability of using Zūm for school year rides. Recommend your school to get special discounted pricing!
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