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Zum Goes Carbon Neutral, Leads Student Transportation Toward an Electric Future

Student transportation leader unveils Zum Net Zero, a program rooted in creating a safer, healthier, more sustainable planet

Today, we’re announcing that Zum is offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions for our entire fleet in 2021. While we’re transitioning our full fleet to electric vehicles by 2025, we recognize the urgency of the climate crisis and are choosing to make an immediate positive impact now, not tomorrow.

As schools around the country are gearing up for a return to the classroom, Zum is taking aim at the 8.4 million metric tons of greenhouse gas that diesel school buses emit annually — that’s the equivalent to over 1 million homes’ annual energy use! Through these carbon offsets, Zum is enabling school districts to start meeting their sustainability goals today and providing students with carbon neutral rides.

Today’s announcement is the latest in our Zum Net Zero initiative, a program rooted in creating a safer, healthier, more sustainable planet. You can find out more about Zum’s sustainability program here.

Read the full press release with today’s news here.

“We plan for Zum’s entire fleet to be 100% EV, but we can’t wait for technology to catch up to our ambitions to drive sustainable change.”
Ritu Narayan

CEO and founder of Zum