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Zum featured in USA Today for National School Bus Safety Week


It’s National School Bus Safety Week, a time when families, educators, drivers, and school administrators can come together to address the importance of keeping students safe on the bus to and from school.

At Zum, safety is our top priority. Zum was founded to improve and modernize the school bus system. Safer school bus environments have a direct impact on education, and we believe Zum is influencing new standards and conversations on safety in the student transportation industry.

In a new piece for USA Today, Zum shares several ways to ensure everyone has a safe experience on the school bus, from enhancing driver training to implementing tech-enabled solutions.

Read more here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sponsor-story/zum/2023/10/16/for-parents-school-bus-safety-is-a-top-concern/71172502007/