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SafeGuard Driver Program

New Advanced Technology, Training and Certification To Ensure Zum Drivers Set The Bar On Student Transportation Safety Standards

We are raising the bar on safety for student transportation by introducing SafeGuard, our vehicle safety technology, driver training, and certification program. This comprehensive program ensures the quality and experience of each Zum driver, gives drivers the skills to deliver the best experience to each student on every ride, and provides drivers access to its modern technology platform. The program’s enhanced training curriculum will improve driver safety and performance, provide specialized training for transportation professionals and implement new vehicle safety technology.

During the qualification process, drivers go through an extensive background check, including fingerprinting and a comprehensive driving test which is vehicle- and state-specific. Once verified with us, these drivers participate in a multi-module training course, which we developed in partnership with industry leading safety experts as well as our in-house team of state certified trainers.

"Zum’s secret sauce to providing superior safety and service for students is pairing passionate and skilled student transportation professionals with the support of advanced training and modern technology. The introduction of our SafeGuard program demonstrates our commitment to going above and beyond the industry standard to provide a safe and positive experience for students and drivers."
Ritu Narayan

CEO and founder of Zum

As part of our 360-degree approach to safety, which ensures student safety and well-being is the top priority before, during, and after each and every ride, we have added specialized modules to the SafeGuard program that are focused on behavioral science, response and de-escalation tactics and effective communication with parents and school districts. These courses are geared toward creating a safe and respectful environment on the school bus and will better equip our drivers with a variety of skills and methods to provide personalized care, emergency response and increased transparency between the drivers, parents and school district staff.

Through vehicle safety technology, the SafeGuard program ensures that all drivers are trained on and required to adhere to specific safety protocols while picking up or dropping off students and while driving. This includes the launch of a new pre-trip and post-trip Daily Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR), which requires drivers to submit electronic reports confirming the safety of their vehicle before and after the ride, and ensures that any vehicle in need of immediate repair is taken out of service.