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Celebrating Zum’s School Bus Drivers

We love our school bus drivers.
We love their enthusiasm.
We love their focus on safety.
We love their dedication to students.
We love their interest in doing things better.

And mostly we love their passion for creating a better future for student transportation. 

That’s why we’re committed to making Zum a great place to work and an inclusive culture for our school bus drivers. We’re especially proud of our recent hires and would love to introduce some of them to you. 

Meet the People Who Zum




"I want this to be one of the best bus driver environments anywhere around in terms of communication, management, inclusion, having fun, and everybody has buy-in."
Paul Ahn

General Manager of Operations

At Zum, we’re focused on always making our school bus drivers feel important and empowered to excel at their jobs.
We give our school bus drivers the best training, technology and vehicles to create safe enjoyable rides to and from school.

From rigorous training for our first time drivers, to our Safeguard and SpedSafe programs, we are dedicated to ensure our drivers have the most-up-to-date skills to ensure safety of all students and also address special needs.

We’ve also provided our drivers with the latest technology to help them keep track of students getting on and off the bus so they could pay more attention to behavior on the bus.

We provide drivers with a welcoming and fun environment.

Our bus yards are designed to make our school bus drivers comfortable and nurture community. We’ve created break lounges, quiet areas, and game rooms. Many of our drivers have described how our spaces make them feel “at home.”

We’re building a team that works together to achieve our goals.

Our school bus drivers are part of ongoing company conversations to share ideas and navigate challenges. Every voice matters.

Great work with a greater purpose
We’re seeking experienced school bus drivers and people who would love to become school bus drivers to join our team in our Los Angeles and Seattle locations.
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