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Back to School 2023

Back to school is always the most exciting time at Zum. The leaves change colors, students return to classes, and our bus yards buzz with energy. It’s a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, when anything is possible. 

This year is no different. At Zum, we’re not only returning to familiar cities—Alameda, Los Angeles, Nashville, Oakland, San Francisco, and Seattle, among many others—but launching in several new cities as well, including San Bernardino in Southern California, Spokane in Washington, and Howard County, Maryland. In these few weeks, our teams work overtime, putting in long hours to make sure our routing algorithms are in ship shape, our bus drivers are vetted and trained, and we’re all motivated and ready to serve our school districts. We invite members of the community to speak, set up a raffle, and always end with a kickoff day filled with food, fun, and this year, a bunch of photo booths!

The most rewarding part of back to school, though, is seeing how passionate everyone is about providing the world’s best student transportation. This company, which started as a tiny seed of an idea, has grown into a fully-fledged movement, charged with passion and conviction and momentum and driven forward by every one of our incredible students, parents, co-workers, bus drivers, and school administrators. 

In the coming weeks, as we kick off the new school year, we’ll be sharing photos and snapshots from the frontlines so you can see what we see, and feel as excited as we feel!

San Francisco



Sun Valley / Los Angeles


San Bernardino



Howard County